1. Finally on TuneIn… I’m listening to Cybrcast: Cybrcast 011b: Clunky clean mess on TuneIn. #RealRadio

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  2. We discussed our list of shows, podcasts, and reading that we are doing at the moment.



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    If you didn’t know, the guys from Cannondale Factory Racing will be riding these in 2013… I mean Enve wheels of course.

    We have a sexism problem in cycling, and here you see Exhibit A - selling women (or rather, dehumanized parts of women’s bodies) as sexual objects alongside the mechanical objects meant to make a bicycle move. The message is clear: the place of women in cycling is to provide objects for male cyclists to gaze upon, not to pursue their own desire for competition, exercise and/or fun free from harassment and objectification. This is amplified by the frankly gross caption accompanying the photo. I do not know who produced the photo; it is irrelevant, as it is but a single example of a larger problem.

    This is not an academic discussion, the consequences for women athletes are real. National federations are refusing to send qualified women riders to the World Cyclocross Championship on the grounds that they cannot afford to - even though some of these athletes have offered to pay their own way. This can only be seen as a tacit acknowledgement by these federations that they do not take women’s racing seriously enough to be worth spending money on - these nations are, after all, sending full men’s squads.

    This all needs to end: the sale of women’s bodies as accessories to bicycle parts and bicycle races, the failure of national federations and the UCI to properly develop and grow women’s professional racing. There is at least one small thing you can do: here’s a petition telling the UCI to enact the same rule requiring that national federations send their top 3 male riders to the World Championships for women riders as well. Please sign it. UCI Cyclocross Commission: Include each nation’s top 3 ranked women riders in World Championship.

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  4. Saturday, September 15, 2012, chron.com

    Google Objects to Acer Smart­phone – Google says Acer’s use of Aliyun, an adap­ta­tion of Android by China’s Aliba­ba, is bad for the Android ecosys­tem. Does Google also “object” to Ama­zon’s use of a forked ver­sion of Android for the…

    What Is The One True Android & How “Open” Is It?

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  5. "But here’s the thing: the D600 is a D3x in a D7000 body for about 30% the price."

    D600 Comments

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  6. When everything goes near retina, we will most definitely wish that everything wasn’t shot with their mobile phones.


  7. "KIPON developed electronic adapters through the co-operation with Japanese engineers"

  8. "So Canon’s entry should be seriously welcomed by photographers. We now have all the players with toes in the water and the full swim competition is about to begin in earnest."

  9. Let’s hope so. I am so looking forward to this.


  10. D400 or D600? Or is it something else?